Residential real estate market in Hungary: time to buy
Hungary is located on the border between Eastern and Western Europe. The level of wages here is lower than in most EU countries: according to the Statista portal, only 6.7…

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“Now it's the other way around”: investors choose Valencia after a referendum in Barcelona
On October 1, 2017, a referendum on independence was held in Catalonia, 90% of those who voted in favor of separating the region from Spain. Since then, uncertainty has reigned…

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Education in Greece
The education system in Greece is divided into three levels: primary, secondary and higher. Each of them consists of two sublevels. A child of any nationality living in the territory…

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Visas, residence and citizenship in Greece

To get a Greek residence permit, it is enough to come to Greece three times. For this suit any type of visa. The whole procedure will take from three to six months, depending on the speed of execution of documents for real estate and how quickly the applicant acts. As a result, a residence permit in Greece will require the implementation of 9 simple steps:

First visit

Property choice
Verification of documents
Getting a tax number
Opening an account in a Greek bank
Transfer of the required amount to a new account
Conclusion of the contract of sale
Second visit (in 1,5–2 months)

Applying for a residence permit
Third visit (in 1-2 months)

Getting a residence permit
“Golden visa” in Greece is one of the most popular programs for obtaining a residence permit in Greece for Russians. To get a Greek residence permit, you must buy one or more real estate in Greece in the amount of 250 thousand euros. Tranio helps clients buy property in Greece and prepare documents for obtaining a residence permit.

Real estate in Greece 3,541 ads on Tranio
Apartments with a yield of 9.5%, Mykonos, Greece for 263,000 € 263,000 €
Apartments with a 9.5% yield, Mykonos, Greece
Total area 52 m² 1 bedroom

Duplex penthouse, Athens, Greece for 250,000 € 250,000 €
Duplex penthouse, Athens, Greece
Total area 140 m² 4 bedrooms

Apartment for rent with a yield of 11.6%, Athens, Greece for 55,000 € 55,000 €
Apartment for rent with a yield of 11.6%, Athens, Greece
Total area 32 m² 1 bedroom

“Golden visa” in Greece – advantages of the program:

the lowest entry threshold compared with similar programs in Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Spain;
a permanent residence permit if the property remains in the ownership of the applicant (a residence permit is renewed every five years);
no need to live in Greece;
Residence permit for all family members: spouse or spouse, children under 21, parents of both spouses;
if an investor spends less than 183 days in Greece, he does not become a Greek tax resident.
Step 1
The first trip to Greece is devoted to the purchase of real estate. First you need to select the object and hire a lawyer who will check the real estate documents for the next month (certificate of ownership of the seller and a pledge register for encumbrances and tax debts of the object). Later he will help pay taxes when you purchase.

Although the participation of a lawyer at this stage is optional, Tranio recommends using his services: checking the legal purity of the object requires, at a minimum, knowledge of the Greek language.

Step 2
While the lawyer is checking the documents, it is necessary to conclude a preliminary agreement for the sale and purchase with the seller and make a deposit – about 10% of the value of the object.

Step 3
To pay property taxes in the future, you will need an account in a Greek bank – for this you need an individual tax number. You can get it at the local tax in just a few hours.

Required documents:

copy and original passport;
marriage registration certificate if the number is also issued for a spouse.

Since 2013, when the program was launched, more than 5 thousand people have received a “golden visa” in Greece. Ibphoto / Depositphotos
Step 4
In order to open an account in a Greek bank, it is advisable to submit documents personally: then there is a greater likelihood that there will be no problems with checking documents. Tranio can help you try to open an account through a proxy representative – sometimes some banks meet the applicant. Pre-lawyer carefully checks the collected documents. Opening an account takes 1-2 days.

Required documents:

copy and original passport;
documents confirming the legality of the income of the buyer. These may be tax returns, documents confirming the receipt of inheritance, dividends, rental income or property sales (translated into Greek or English);
certificate of employment (translated into Greek or English);
a copy of the bill for any utilities that will confirm the place of actual residence of the applicant (translated into Greek or English);
certificate of ownership of a telephone number (translated into Greek or English);
statements of the applicant (translated into Greek or English).
Step 5
It is necessary to transfer money to an account in a Greek bank – the purchase costs will be paid from it.

Although the buyer can transfer money to the seller’s account directly from his Russian account, the Greek account will still be needed in the future: taxes, expenses on the management company and utilities will be paid from him.

Step 6
After the verification of the legal purity of the object is completed (in a few weeks), it will be possible to sign the contract of sale and purchase, in person or by proxy through a lawyer, and transfer the money from the account in a Greek bank to the seller’s account. In 1–1.5 months the transaction will be registered.

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